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Leverage - Season 3
The season 3 openers were way above the cut from the previous seasons. Seeing back to back shows also added fun to the evening. I have been in a room full of people twice to see these new episodes. I agree they were fans, but they were cheering, booing and laughing at the actors in the scenes. That has to translate to good ratings. Taking the team to international levels will give us more villains and exotic places, we have already seen a little of that.
I already know many of the guest stars, since we follow the shooting on Twitter and Facebook. This year will be full of great Guest stars. Richard Chamberlain will be in the next episode, that's so cool. Leverage also is being seen as a great show to be "seen on". When Leverage came out it was compared to the A-Team, now we have a re-boot of the A-Team in a movie. That's the influence of the show.
Be sure to watch the show and stay in touch with the fans and actors on Twitter and Facebook. TNT also has a forum where we discus the show in more detail.


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