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We are Americans First
The elections are over(Applause). There are no more commercials, signs and billboards. I have my TV back and can now see adds for Viagra, breakfast cereal and new cars. You would think everything is back to normal, but what is normal. The election results show one thing, we are still divided. This can not be good for the country as a whole. There are strong feelings on both sides of the political isle. When we welcome new citizens to our country, they should attempted to meld with us first. The idea that we can be multi-cultural is inherently dangerous. We need to first learn about each culture before go off different directions. We should be taking the best from all cultures and put them together to form America. "United We Stand, Divided We fall"
I look at the red and blue map and it appears that the majority of the country is red, with the high population areas on the east and west coast staying blue. This amounts to rural vs city. There are definite differences between the two areas, both cultural and lifestyle. These differences should not divide us, we are still Americans. We need to learn about each other before we form any opinions. Never prevent people from talking. If they have something good to say you can learn from it. If they are talking trash, let them. Their audience will get smaller and smaller and they will go away on their own.
My advise (you knew it was coming) is to dislike issues, not people. Most people choose their point of view based on their environment and the input they get. I know that the people I have talked to were willing to discuss the differences calmly, as long as I stayed on the issues and did not attack them. Reasonable people can agree to disagree. Hate for people can never have a good outcome, most wars have been fought over this kind of hate. Be prepared to defend you beliefs with knowledge and not opinion. Allow people time to understand, knowing that some will never change. Who knows, they may be waiting for you to understand too. There are many beliefs from the past that we now find completely wrong. "The earth is flat or the center of the universe". Seems absurd now, but people were arrested for going against these beliefs.
We are a free America. We don't always do things right, but we do try to help people. We give to world charities more than any country in the world. We pay most of the cost for the UN. Right or wrong, we help countries in need (when asked) even if that need is military. Be kind to your fellow Americans, we all want the same thing. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (That should be written down somewhere)


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