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Taking Control - Thank you Leverage
I wanted to give everyone a recap of the past few months and why once again I am thanking the cast and crew of Leverage. What started my “problem” was when my step father passed away last November. I became responsible for my 87 year old mother. Here memory loss was worse than anyone in the family knew about and she couldn’t live alone. My sister took her through the main winter months, but she came out to Georgia to live near us in February. This was the most difficult time for me. I started focusing on her problems and began to let myself go. I stopped working out and began to gain weight. I lost focus on what I needed to do and became overwhelmed with her situation…I’m sure I’m not alone in this.
I got a break when I got to travel out to Portland for the Leverage “ConCon” convention. I made my first ever video of myself and sent it to the cast and thanked them for holding this convention in the midst of their busy filming schedule. They received me and the video with such warm and caring attitudes that I began to forget about my problems. They also helped to repair my memories of the “Hollywood” types I grew up around. These people were great and they didn’t act like they were better than everyone else. I could have been involved with acting and film making when I was younger, in fact my major was Theatre Arts. The people I was involved with in Los Angeles and Hollywood were shallow conceited jerks. I left that environment and career 30 years ago. I wish I had fallen in with people like I met at ConCon. I left Portland and felt rejuvenated for a couple months.
I still hadn’t fully gotten a grip on my problems, but I was thinking about them. Next I got the chance to return to Portland for Christian Kane’s music video. I fully expected to be in the video, but I was becoming painfully aware of my weight gain. I had been shooting more videos of myself, some for Leverage and some for my acting coach (I had started back with what I loved to do). I helped around before the filming started , but didn’t make it on camera. Again I was completely impressed by the people pulling this together. I stayed in the back at Dantes and watched as Tim Hutton directed, he’s great. The rest of the Leverage film crew filmed this really cool music video of “House Rules”, they make their work look so easy (but it’s not).
I remembered back to one of the Leverage ConCon panels when I think both Dean Devlin and John Rogers remarked that they were having fun again. I was feeling trapped in my “well paying”, but boring career I had created for myself. I wanted to have fun too. I signed up with an acting coach, joined the gym (complete with personal trainer) and began taking control. I am going to be an extra in a remake of Footloose this week, it’s filming locally. The direction I chose feels right for me, it’s never too late to take control and turn the ship if necessary. Everything we do in life requires effort, but if you love what you do, it’s not really work.
My mom is still living in an assisted living home near us, we go out to eat or have her over a couple times a week. Her problems are still there, but I’m dealing with them the correct way. I look to God and family (in that order) for strength and help coping. I’m in charge of my life and the direction. So the main reason I’m writing this is to encourage everyone to not lose sight of your goals with the problems that are out there. Change what you can, but accept what you can’t. Be good to yourself first, then be good to others. I hope this inspires someone to take control and make a bad situation better. Remember, your attitude CAN make someone feel better about themselves. Thank you cast and crew of Leverage for inspiring me.

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Oh I'm so happy for you. :) I hope nothing but good things come to you sweetie. You're a really special man. Hopefully we'll get to hang out at Con Con2.

Thank you for your kind words and yes ConCon2011 will be a cool place to hang out!

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